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Arya Solar Chemical Industries Company (Private Joint Stock) was registered under the code 25880 as a privately-owned entity named Union Chemical Iran at Tehran’s General Office for Registration of Companies and Industrial Properties on July 5, 1976. In July 1981, the company’s name was changed to National Resins and Chemicals Company (Private Joint Stock), and later in June 2009 it was renamed to Arya Solar Chemical Industries Company (Private Joint Stock). Arya Solar Chemical Industries Company was established with the goal of creating facilities and acquiring modern technology for producing antifreeze and coolant fluids as well as oil blending in line with developing Sepahan Oil Company’s products related to special oils and greases. Sepahan Oil Company has embarked on purchasing shares of Arya Solar Chemical Industries Company, aiming to expand its activities in the vicinity of the country’s large automotive industries in order to lay the groundwork for making investment to benefit from the company’s facilities towards producing other chemical products as well as maintaining and supplying the products directly in Tehran and also removing limitations related to production and supply of some oil products and chemicals, such as brake fluid, antifreeze and coolant in Isfahan. The company, which produces antifreeze and manufactures packages for types of industrial oils for gasoline and diesel engines, and gearboxes, intends to follow ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007 and ISO/TS16949:2009 standards in line with improving quality of its products, observing clientele orientation, and enhancing safety and health among personnel, as the company’s major asset, as well as protecting the environment, attaining sustainable development, and reducing harms to the environment. Continuation ...

In line with the company’s quality improvement policy, the quality control unit, benefiting from experienced personnel and utilizing advanced laboratorial equipment and devices for testing oils and antifreezes taking advantage of statistical techniques, has focused on providing a suitable and reliable ground for manufacturing high quality products within the framework of meeting demands of customers.


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1- Packaging products of Sepahan Oil Company based on standards

2- Planning toward attaining the goal of organizational excellence and step by step improvement both in national and international levels

3- Securing a sanitary and healthy environment for maintaining personnel’s health and safeguarding assets of beneficiaries

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ISO 9001 :2008



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